If you are looking for a free application that allows you to talk for hours for free then you already have it – Skype, of course.  But wait,  there is a new boy on the block – ‘Viber‘ – and he is ready to challenge Skype for the top spot.

Viber is a new, free VoIP application for the iPhone, that allows users to talk using the AT&T data network (not the cellular one) and it works on both WiFi and 3G. Where’s the catch? Nowhere — you do not need a friends’ list – it alerts you of an incoming call without the application being open– and no ads.

Now if you have friends overseas, or just over the border, and they also have ‘Viber’, you can enjoy talking to them for free, so you do not have to burn your voice plan minutes. The problem only begins if you have a metered data plan — you might want to keep your conversations within the limits– but seeing that you own an iPhone. I guess this does not concern you.

Now about the registration — as I said earlier, it is completely free. All you have to do is give ‘Viber’ your phone number and then they text you back with an access code. You just enter the code into the application and then the fun can begin.

When you open the application, you can see your regular contact list — the only difference being when compared with the built-in iPhone dialer, is that your Viber friends have a mark against their names so you will know exactly who you can call for free. You can also use ‘Viber’ to call regular phones, but that will cost you minutes from your voice data plan (nothing new there!).