Magazine publishers and Apple have not yet managed to close a deal regarding iPad subscriptions, although many publications are extremely interested in going fully digital. The two sides remain at odds because of Apple’s unwillingness to satisfy the publishers’ hunger for extensive subscriber data. The publishers and Apple started negotiations earlier this year, but as Apple is not prepared to divulge personal data about its subscribers, the deal is starting to go off the boil.

Apple made an offer with an opt-in form, which would allow subscribers to grant permission for access to certain information, such as the subscriber’s name, physical mailing address and e-mail address. In addition, the offer included the same revenue sharing plan that is used on the App Store, which works just fine – Apple get to keep a 30% cut of all transactions.

Peter Kafka wrote in a recent ‘MediaMemo’ report: “The offer has been on the table for a couple of months, I’m told, and so far none of the big publishers have gone for it. They don’t like the 30 percent cut Apple wants to take, but their real  hang-up is the lack of access to credit card data: It’s valuable to them for marketing, and without it they can’t offer print / digital bundles, either.”

Publishers want your data because this information is their most valuable asset, because they need it to sell advertisements. And now that Apple will not let them use your information – which I agree with in full – they are looking for other platforms that will allow them to break into your life. And because the manufacturers of tablets running Android do not care about this, they will succeed. But that is another story altogether.