My problem is that I am one of those people who always needs more battery power for his iPhone. This is why I use the ‘Mophie Juice Pack Air’ which is a rechargeable external battery in an ultra-thin case that fits snugly over my iPhone. But now the company, to my pleasure and surprise, has come out with a juice pack battery that has a lot of capacity packed into a case that is only 1 mm thicker than the one that I am using and it’s called juice pack plus for iPhone 4.

It costs $20 more (it’s now $99.95), but it comes with a 2,000 mAh capacity so now you have 8 hours of additional talk time, or 7 more hours to surf the internet on a 3G network, or up to 11 hours on a WiFi network. In comparison, the one I use now – the ‘Juice Pack Air’ – has 1500 mAh capacity and it cost $79.95.

The new ‘Mophie’ device has some other great features like a virtual speaker box that redirects sound from the bottom of the iPhone 4 to the front (Imagine – a phone call in speakerphone mode – now you can understand why this is device is just great).

And the colors! Yeah, I love color in my life, so I give kudos to ‘Mophie’ for coloring their cases in either Cyan, Magenta, Yellow or Key (black). The black case is already available and can be shipped in 1 to 2 days, while the others, according to ‘Mophie’ will become available in January.