The seasonal holidays are coming closer with all those wonderful moments that you are dreaming about  — and a good camera is an absolute necessity to capture all this for posterity. Right now, candlelight (or at least some fancy lighting) is so trendy to make for cosy evenings together with your family or friends or alone with your significant other. But if we are looking at the technical side of the pictures you will need a camera and a flash to capture those moments. Okay, the camera is available on your iPhone, but where is the flash?

Well, now we have a practical answer for that — iFlash. This is a self-powered flash module that plugs directly into the docking port of your iPhone 3G/3GS or iPod Touch, and the fun begins. You can start using it to light badly lit areas, to capture those beautiful smiles – everything!

This device works with iPhone 4, which you can already buy with a flash, and there is not a lot of point in having two flashes, especially since this extra one hangs off your otherwise lightweight and thin iDevice. However, there are people – like me – who are very attached to their not-so-new devices, so if you are stuck with an older iPhone, this device is just the one you need to take pictures in the dark.

And the price – on the one hand, you can choose to break up an iPod car charger and use some LEDs to ‘manufacture’ a flash of your own or you can get this iFlash for $29.95 (regularly cost $39.95) over at ‘Gadgets and Gear’. According to the product info it says ‘the small and compact iFlash can be attached to the iPhone through a plastic 3.5 mm jack which is left dangling from the iPhone like a phone charm’ – perhaps they should have said that they now have a solution that works like a charm!