While the iPhone and phones using the Android OS are probably the most popular types of phones on the market. It seems like the iPhone scores more points with the women, while men seem to have a stronger preference towards Android.

The results of an October survey released by Nielson shows that the iPhone is the most desired phone amongst users looking to upgrade their smartphone.

However, more detailed results revealed that around 30.9 % of women favored the iPhone while only 22.8% said they wanted to go with an Android phone. Meanwhile, 32.6% of male users claimed they wanted an Android Phone while only 28.6% of men said they wanted an iPhone.

In addition, it turned out that in terms of demographics the iPhone was more popular in every age category except for users between 34 and 54.

Users currently owning a smartphone prefer the iPhone more with 35% of respondents desiring an iPhone. Meanwhile, 28% claimed to want an Android powered smart phone.

The new statistics are certainly interesting, especially the gender breakdown of the new data. There has not been a real explanation for the preference but some could argue that Apple’s excellent marketing campaign could have something to do with it

Overall, it seems that the iPhone remains far more popular than all its competitors but latest results show that Android and the resurgent BlackBerry are recording high levels of growth.