The iPhone has gained a very positive reputation for introducing cool apps that interest users and enhances the iPhone without the need for expensive hardware accessories. One of the most recent apps to gain the attention of iPhone users is the 360 Panorama 3.0. The app is compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and the latest iPod touch. Users can also share their pictures online, through Twitter.

What makes this app amazing is its user friendliness and superb quality. When activated, users will have to pan the camera and the app “paints” a panoramic scene using live video, pausing every now and then. Since everything is done via video, users will not have to spend a bunch of time taking pictures and then using a specialized app to merge all the pictures. With Panorama 3.0, everything is done in a quick and continuous motion.

Once the desired scene is captured, the app will prepare the image within a minute. Then you can share the image with your friends. The quality seems very good and the level of detail is very impressive.

The app is currently being sold for a special $0.99 but after the offer, it will become $2.99. If you are interested, you can purchase the app from the App Store.