Verizon unveiled its 4G network wireless network recently, which it will roll out in 38 markets on Sunday. The new 4G network will enhance the speed of internet services. This would allow users to browse through the internet, watch streaming videos and have video conferences with better quality and speed. However, currently the system will only be available for the USB modems for laptops.

If you have the 4G iPad or the next generation iPhone in mind, then you will have to wait much longer, or as Verizon put it until “mid” 2011. Observers say that Verizon’s cautious approach could be designed to give it more flexibility and help it tweak the system before the anticipated arrival of Apple’s iPhone and other products.

However, this also seems to clearly debunk some of the wilder rumors that were coming out about Verizon moving to fully embrace the iPhone and the iPad. Virtually every poll concerned with Apple’s user experience with AT&T has been disappointing, leading many critics to call on Apple to ditch its long time partner and switch to the more reliable Verizon as soon as possible. However, Verizon has made it clear that its intended partnership with Apple will be taken in stride. This could be a sign.