Angry Birds, an extremely entertaining and addictive game featuring a bunch of projectile wielding birds seeking vengeance against those who destroyed their eggs will now feature in a Christmas themed update.

The update will feature 25 completely new levels to play, each with progressive difficulty and a variety of new objectives. In addition, the update will also feature a wintry theme. The best part is that for each day of December users will get access to an additional level of Angry Birds, which really plays into the festive season.  As many of you know, the game features a variety of projectiles, levels and difficulty settings that push your gaming limits with each passing level. Many users cite the impressive targeting system and the variety of weapons ranging from rocks to heat seeking missiles. Other versions of the game include a Halloween version that featured 46 levels and gave users some spooky fun. Now it’s trying to bring some Christmas cheer into the mix.

Angry Birds is already available with Android powered phones but iPhone users will not have to wait long. The creators of Angry Birds pledged to release the iPhone version within the next few hours. The game will be available in the App Store as soon as soon as it is released.