2011 – a very optimistic year for iPad

The predictions are that Apple is likely to sell 45-48 million iPads next year. This is quite a number, but Apple actually puts its expectations somewhat higher – the company has reportedly placed orders with suppliers for 65 million 9.7 …
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What would you like to have for Valentine’s Day? The Verizon compatible iPhone, of course…

Apple is to hold an event at the beginning of the upcoming year, possibly before Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2011, and the aim of the event is to present the new CMDA version of the iPhone compatible with U.S. …
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Keyboard from your ‘Keyboard Buddy’

I agree with those that say it is hard to get used to being virtual. I actually like the touch of real buttons, but my wife really needs to have an additional keyboard for her iDevice, because she can not …
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‘VerbalVictor’ – a tool for those who can not speak

‘VerbalVictor’ has been created by a caring father and his students at Wake Forest University, and it is an interactive communication tool for people who are unable to speak. The application was developed by Paul Pauca, father of five year-old …
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‘DataMan’ – track your data usage

If you are presently on the AT&T ‘Unlimited Data Plan’ you do not have a to worry about your data usage, but what happens to those who are not? Well now you basically have two options:

  1. you can use the

Skype now features video calling

It is time – time to say hello using your iPhone camera and Skype, because the latest update to the Skype application for iPhone now adds video calling.

If you update your Skype application to the latest version you can

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‘Squarespace’ on iPad for bloggers

If you are a blogger, then you are already familiar with the ‘Squarespace‘ hosted blog service. Yeah, it is great stuff, because they have a professional team to create those professionally designed themes, and they give bloggers the …

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Second generation iPad to feature flatter backside, smaller bezel and ‘wide-range’ speaker

The Japanese blog ‘MacOtakara’ talks about the next-generation iPad as having a flatter backside and smaller bezel compared with the first generation iDevice. The iPad 2.0 will also feature a larger ‘wide-range speaker’ located behind a mesh speaker grille.

The …

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A fifth of households who own an iPad are likely to buy another one

According to recent surveys there is a high demand for iPads around the world. Yes, we have all heard that, and it is understandable for us to think that this is just part of another big marketing campaign. Well, this …

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iGrill if you grill

Maybe now is not the moment for a grill, but for those who are preparing to heat some meat, there is a new application and peripheral device in town called ‘iGrill‘. This is a meat thermometer with Bluetooth …

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