A new iPad application appears every day, as developers acknowledge the importance of this magic device. I hear voices from all around the world saying that they are working on an iPad-optimized application. Well, developers now have to consider creating yet more variants for the next generation iPad. ‘Digitimes’ cites a source saying that Apple are considering the use of a Retina Display in the next generation iPad, but if they do so, they need to increase the screen resolution from the current 1024 x 768 pixels per inch (PPI) to 2048 x 1536.

The same report talks about the next iPad featuring a USB port, a second connector to allow for landscape use in the keyboard dock, and dual cameras for ‘FaceTime’. However, this sounds a little optimistic (two cameras?), but there will be at least one camera. Another important and planned improvement will be regarding its weight, as the next iPad will certainly be lighter, and slimmer as well.

All of these improvements sound great and we will be able to enjoy them – not all, but at least some of them, next year – but I guess a full-sized Retina Display will be the toughest one yet to put on the market – and it might cause supply issues for Apple. What is possible – and it can only come from Apple themselves – is to redefine the meaning of Retina Display, because doing anything other than simply quadrupling the resolution, in the way that the iPhone did, would make scaling more problematic.

The second generation iPad will most probably keep the current resolution, but will get other improvements, such as less glare and better viewing angles.