December is near, the seasonal holidays are almost upon us, and you are thinking that you would like to spend some time relaxing at your favorite hideaway or just getting away from it all. That sounds great! But, what if it snows? What if it rains? I guess it is time to go and look at the weather forecast.

Wait – I have a better idea! There is a great application, ‘Seasonality Go‘ for iPad from Gaucho Software LLC – a very powerful tool that is currently able to work in more that 200 countries. Once you purchase this application, you have the option to customize your screen as well as the information that you would like to receive. If you are not at one of the 30000 pre-defined locations, you just use your magic device’s built-in location service to get the current weather wherever you are.

Version 1.2 of the application has these features:

  • current conditions
  • a 7 day forecast
  • rising and setting times of the sun and the moon
  • graphs showing temperature, wind speed, precipitation, humidity, cloud-cover and surf heights
  • radar and cloud-cover maps with animated history

Moreover, you have several tools to play with – customize the weather information, and the size of each display to suit your taste. Download the app for only $9.99 from the App Store and just pick a date for which you want to see the details, delete those that you do not need, and start planning your long-awaited holiday.