As a subscriber at $99 per year, you had several remote services included with your iPhone. Apple is now surely thinking about the forthcoming Christmas, because it has now made the set of remote control features, previously known under the name of ‘Find My iPhone‘, free as part of its latest free software update.

Now you can simply enable that feature by upgrading your iDevice to iOS 4.2. To enable this feature, simply go to the Settings application, choose ‘Mail’, ‘Contacts’, ‘Calendars’ and then ‘Add Account.’ From the next menu, tap on ‘Mobile Me’, which will prompt you to enter a ‘Mobile Me’ username or your Apple ID. If you do not have one, you can create an Apple ID from within the application. After that the verification process begins, and once verified the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature opens up in front of you.

So if you lose your iPhone you now have this feature to help you find it, as your iDevice (iPhone or 3G iPad) comes with a GPS receiver enabling them to triangulate the location using satellite technology.

If you own a Wi-Fi-only device, you are still able to enjoy this feature, the only difference is that the system now uses nearby Wi-Fi base stations to figure out the location.

Another powerful feature of ‘Find My iPhone’ is the ‘Display Message or Play Sound’ feature. If you lose your  iDevice or if it is just somewhere around, by using this feature you will hear its sound so that you can track it easily – even if it is set to operate silently. The ‘Display a Message’ feature is useful when you are trying to ask the person, who found your lost device, to give you a call and return it to you.