According to ‘Giz-China’ you can now find a genuine white iPhone 4 for sale. Oops – the problem is that is for China only.

This device comes in a box marked with a label describing it as being for ‘internal use only’, and the attached picture shows a more convincing look than many of the area’s other knock-offs.

The price? Well, since we are talking about the gray market, you can have the white iPhone that you always dreamed to have starting between $828 and $1204 only.

The main problem apparently relates to this type of sale. Yes, the label does contain the word ‘legal’, but someone forgot to add the letters ‘il’ in front of it… This has been a persistent problem for Apple for several years now. Two years ago, there were 1.4 million ill-gotten iPhones in the world, and this total has now reached 2 million – in China alone!

In fact, a Beijing Apple Store was recently forced to temporarily close its doors while some customers bought a huge number of iPhones with the sole purpose of reselling them – just outside the store.