‘ChangeWave’ yesterday published its latest survey on its professional and consumer audience, and according to the survey, Apple is loosing customers because of its exclusivity agreement with AT&T.

This comes on the heels of a survey that ‘ChangeWave’ conducted in August. Then the numbers showed that AT&T and non-AT&T customers alike were waiting for a new operator (Verizon specifically) to begin offering the iPhone. The question posed in the survey was “If the iPhone had been available to your wireless provider – which would you have purchased?”

The customer reaction is very clear – with more than 33% of the survey participants responding that they would have purchased the iPhone, and a further 20% responding as unsure.

‘ChangeWave’ asked non-AT&T respondents whether they would have still purchased their new smart-phone if the iPhone had been available at their wireless provider at the time of purchase. The results show the continuing threat the iPhone poses to the rest of the industry.

In short, an extraordinary 34% of non-AT&T smart-phone buyers say they would have bought the iPhone instead, if it had been available at their service provider.

‘ChangeWave’ also asked which smart-phone manufacturer performed poorly against the iPhone. The numbers show Motorola on the top of the list with 39% of the respondents saying that they would be interested in buying an iPhone instead of their Motorola phone.

The report shows that the iPhone 4 is highly rated – although the ‘Antennagate’ scandal impacted adversely on its launch –  with 77% of iPhone customers registering as “very satisfied”. The second place belongs to Motorola, with 71% of its customers reporting as being “very satisfied”, while Samsung and RIM did not even reach the 50% level.