‘ViewStick’ announces its brand new headrest mounting system, which turns the back seat of your car in to an entertainment area. This accessory is compatible with all iPad units and it can be easily installed without requiring any tools.

This new system was created with today’s mobile media consumer and family in mind, allowing them to reposition the iPad to keep the kids entertained while you are driving. The mount attaches to the back of the front seat headrest, and the back seat environment immediately changes to one of entertainment. And the great thing is that it is portable, so you do not have to keep it to just one car. If you have two cars, then you can easily move it from one to the other. The iPad ‘Headrest Mount Kit’ comes with 2 metal stands, 4 rubber bands, 2 suction cups, and 1 Storage Bag.

If you do not own a BMW, which has recently announced that it supports iPad integration, the iPad ‘Headrest Mount Kit’ will be a great item to have. Imagine – on a long six-hour drive, the kids, or anybody else, can sit in the back seat and watch a movie. Yes, it is great to hold your multi-touch device in your hands – but not for that long. ‘ViewStick’ have come up with an answer to that, and it costs only $19.99.