I just love to take photos with my iPhone – it is great to save (and savour) the moment and to preserve that colorful instant for ever. But what happens if I want to make these images more personal? There are many applications out there such as ‘CameraBag’ which is an application that allows you to filter your photos. But this is already old news because the creators of this application – Nevercenter – have now put a new application on the market called ‘Infinicam’. The best part of this new application is its ability to generate an almost unlimited amount of filters, which you can then apply to your images – and it comes with 18 border styles to suit almost any taste.

Okay, I am not a professional photographer, but I enjoyed myself by applying these filters to a variety of landscape images. There are so many filters from which I could choose, and – yes – the pictures I had taken became more personalized because of the filters I applied.

How does it work? You simply press an on-screen button and ‘Infinicam’ generates a random filter. If you like it, you can then save it to your favorite list – and if you do not, just press the button again to start over. To apply the preset styles, just tap on the image and, when you have obtained the desired result, save it to your camera roll or email it. ‘Infinicam’ lets you save the image at full or reduced resolution, and there is also a crop tool if required. If you want to go back to some earlier work, there is a history function that lets you retrace your steps.

‘Infinicam’ supports the ‘Retina Display’, works on the iPhone, iPod and iPad, requires iOS 2.0 and you can download it from the App Store for $1.99