With the launch of the iPad, a complete new world has opened up for application developers. They now have a multi-touch platform to develop applications that explore the features of the new device. In the life of a DJ this multi-touch feature is highly important, so the opening of this new platform is a boost for DJ application developers. The list of music-mixing applications developed for the iPad – as I recall – is quite long, but the real DJ experience never arrived, until NOW.

As the latest 4.2 iOS is on its way to the market place, the audio-related options are richer than on the existing iOS 3.2, and ‘djay’ can now fully exploit all these features. ‘Algoriddim‘, the maker of the popular djay application for the Mac, is now waiting for the launch of the latest iOS to put its iPad application on the market.

The iOS 4.2-specific features coming in ‘djay’ for iPad include:

  • Full access to iPod library

  • Multi-tasking – you can run ‘djay’ in Automix mode and listen to a continuous, seamless mix running in the background while you surf the web, play games, etc.

  • AirPlay – you can wirelessly stream your mix to your Apple TV or AirPort Express station in real-time.

  • Fully leveraged and accelerated CPU extensions (SSE-like) for high-quality audio processing and analysis

  • Very low latency (< 3 msec)

  • Background audio playback (multi-tasking support)

  • Pre-Cueing (via mono / stereo adapter)

According to the developers, the upcoming ‘djay’ application is far superior to the Mac version and will perform better in some aspects. They have set up a teaser page, where you can sign up for a notification of the impending release.