It looks as though Apple is trying to persuade iPhone users to update their devices to their latest and coolest product, the iPhone 4. Why am I saying this? Because of their recent updates which are not too friendly towards the iPhone 3G. Let us have a look at what is happening. First, users reported that it was as slow as a dog. Secondly, Apple started peeling back some of the best features like ‘Gamecenter’. And now ‘Airplay’ is gone completely from iOS 4.2 GM.

There is one question though – why? Many developers and users who tested iOS 4.2 beta reported ‘Airplay’ performing well on their 3G devices. And now completely out of nowhere, Apple removes the ‘Airplay’ functionality from the two-year-old device at its GM stage. This should not happen since Apple states on its website that “Airplay is coming soon and will be available on all iOS 4 devices.”

Hey! ‘Airplay’ is clearly able to work on iPhone 3G, so what is the problem? It worked just fine during the beta stage. Or maybe they are thinking: oh, this is just not performing well enough. What I am thinking is that Apple is ‘politely’ suggesting that its users need to upgrade to their latest iPhone 4.

However, this will not last too long, because a ‘jailbreak’ will re-enable it – or perhaps this might just be an issue that Apple themselves can remedy!