Has it ever happened that you have your iPhone charging in your car and you need another power socket? Well, this kind of situation is now gone for ever, because the Griffin ‘PowerJolt Plus’ is now on the market.

This accessory plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter socket or any 12 Volt accessory socket, and has a pre-connected cable to charge your iPhone or any other iDevice. It is innovative because it give you back a 12 Volt socket to charge your iPad too, for instance.

You might think: well, this is great to have a second socket, but will it really charge my other devices as well? Yes, indeed, it works out just great. Tests on this device with three different adapters, on a long trip of almost 5 hours, prove that it works perfectly.

It has a 2.1 amp charger which is more than sufficient for charging your iDevices, and it fits solidly into the car’s power socket to avoid any power loss. This accessory has no second adapter, just the socket in which to plug one adapter, and if you need a second adapter you can choose a compatible unit from the Griffin set. However, when I am charging my iPhone, I love to have it in a convenient place so a car mount is also a nice-to-have unit.

The Griffin ‘PowerJolt Plus’ is a great accessory, and is available on the Griffin Technology website for only $29.99.