After almost a year and a half, Apple has finally agreed to allow ‘Google Voice’ to enter its ‘App Store’. Starting from now, you can quickly and safely download this application if you want to:

  • access your ‘Google Voice’ account from your iPhone;
  • receive push notifications for new text or voice-mail messages;
  • send free text messages to U.S. numbers and make international calls at cheap rates;
  • listen to your voice-mail, read transcripts and manage your ‘Google Voice’ Inbox;
  • display your ‘Google Voice’ number as well as your caller ID when making calls.

So do not wait too long, because it is very simple to use. You can call your contacts from your Address Book, or if you would like to call a new number, just use the dial-pad. The application only works with a ‘Google Voice’ account, which you can create at, and you can use this service nationwide.

When you choose ‘Google Voice’ you receive one number allocated to only you, not a list of phones, devices or sites. You can simplify your phone experience, by making the use of voice-mail as easy as email.

‘Google Voice’ is a free application, and is now available in the ‘App Store’.