The iPad has been taking the market by storm for quite awhile now and now we can finally put things in perspective. According to a Bernstein Research Analyst, iPads are now selling more than DVD players and even outperforming iPhones. According to latest reports, table computers are now the most popular type of product, after netbooks, TVs and smartphones.

Reports suggest that Apple could sell as much as 4.5 million units this year and could make almost $ 9 billion in revenues. However, the sudden popularity of the iPad has also attracted the attention of rivals such as Samsung, Blackberry, Microsoft, Google and various others.  Samsung and Blackberry have already released products into the market and the others will follow suite shortly. Apple does not plan to give up its lead without a fight. The company recently announced that it would release a new version of the iPad next year, which should give it a tremendous advantage over rivals. Apple’s market share is certainly set to rise until rivals make a firm footing in the market. While it is too early to say how things will turn out for Apple, one thing is for sure: things will certainly get better before they get worse.