Target has become the largest retail store to feature the iPad with hopes of attracting droves of customers for the holiday season. The company will feature six different iPad models including the 16 GB, 32GB and 64 GB versions, with our without Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G. The full range of options is thought to increase customer demand for the device.

The devices will be available at US $ 499.  While the relatively negative economic circumstances have taken their toll on the consumer electronics market, Target remains optimistic regarding the iPad sales. Target is not the only retail chain that features the iPad:  Best Buy Co. has been featuring the iPad since its launch in April.

The tablet PC market seems to be making strong headway with average users and the iPad is by far the most popular tablet PC available. No word as yet, if Target will soon feature some of Apple’s competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy or the Blackberry Playbook.

As soon as the devices hit Target stores, one of the many questions regarding the device was regarding the Carrier details. AT&T still holds the exclusive right to the iPhone and iPad and recent reports suggest that this has had a relatively negative impact on the sales of the iPhone.