For months, Apple has been raising the hopes of consumers about the white iPhone 4 and for months, Apple has kept disappointing them.

Serious questions remain if the white iPhone 4 will be ready for launch by the end of this year or if it will be pushed back further to the beginning of the next year. Recent reports suggest that Apple could indeed, release the white iPhone 4 at the end of this year but by then the product could already be close to 6 months old and it will not be surprising if consumers begin to ask themselves if they would be better off waiting for the iPhone 5, which is expected next year. Apple’s announcement that the white iPhone 4 will not have any hardware changes is not going to help. This would mean that the white iPhone 4 would also be plagued by the antenna problem that has tarnished the image of the black iPhone 4. Also, even if Apple were to release the white version soon, many analysts ask if Apple will re-launch its free bumper case program, which would be necessary due to the antenna problem.

The lack of communication regarding the matter is certainly frustrating for consumers and industry watchers alike, and Apple should do a better job explaining itself. It would also be appreciated if Apple restrained itself from shooting down any further hope regarding the white iPhone 4.