Apple has released the new Apple Remote 2.0 aimed for the iPhone 4, iPod touch and iPad. The app, as its name suggests, allows users to access their Apple devices remotely. The success of the original version of the Apple Remote, has allowed Apple to push forward with an updated version that takes into account the various improvements to its latest Apple devices like the Retina Display. The app has been very popular amongst users and there are two versions of the update: One for the iPad and the other for the iPhone.

The iPad update features an improved interface and it seems to be working well without any complaints thus far. The app update looks very similar to the original version and users can use familiar features like creating playlists remotely and accessing the desktop iTunes.

The iPad version also features an improved interface with a few tweaks throughout the app. In addition, the version looks very similar to the original.

The app also supports new Apple programs like Apple TV, shared libraries, and you can access a variety of standard features media features. There is no doubt that the Apple Remote 2.0 is set to make life a little bit easier for all Apple users out there.