GeoHot, due to conflicts between him and the Chronic Dev Team, has released his limera1n jailbreak two days early. Today was the original ETA for limera1n, which would’ve made it one year since the release of blackra1n. I speculate his decision was branched off the idea that his jailbreak was better than greenpois0n. Limera1n has the ability to jailbreak all iDevices, unlike greenpois0n, capable of only hacking the iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, iPad and AppleTV2. It appears that GeoHot’s action proved he was going to stand by his words when he said he WILL be releasing, regardless of what Chronic Dev Team had planned. But it also showed that he is somewhat immature and has a huge ego.

The consequence of GeoHot’s rash decision was greenpois0n, which was supposed to be released yesterday. Feeling no other reasonable alternative, the Chronic Dev Team decided to extend the ETA until greenpois0n was recoded. The release of greenpois0n (if there is to be one) will incorporate the exploit used in limera1n instead of the famous SHAtter exploit. This way SHAtter can be saved for future devices that are possibly vulnerable to it. Although we don’t know an exact date and/or time, they’ve stated on their blog that the “new ETA = as soon as possible.” If both jailbreaks were rolled out as scheduled, it would be a shame as two exploits would be exposed for Apple Engineers to repair.

The first beta of limera1n became available to download on Saturday around 6PM EST. Within 24 hours, GeoHot has made 3 additional revisions to limera1n to iron out bugs. The second beta changed how the kernel patched a device, presumably fixing problems some users may have had. There had also been an issue where some iPhone 3GS’s (those sold with the new bootrom) didn’t jailbreak. BETA3 had addressed this flaw. Lastly, BETA4 was released to correct the inconvenience with the limera1n application not being able to uninstall. Additionally in the update, the respring (that never happened due to the limera1n app crashing) after installing Cydia was “fixedish” according to GeoHot.

Please note: Limera1n is not yet available for Mac users. This article will be updated when it is released.

Mac version of limera1n has been released.

PwnageTool 4.1.1 and greenpois0n are also out.

Click here for a tutorial on jailbreaking with limera1n. (Coming soon)