GeoHot (also known as 21 year old, George Hotz) the genius behind jailbreak tools purplera1n and blackra1n that hacked previous iOS versions has done it again. A couple months back in July, he had publicly announced he was forever retiring from hacking iDevices. This we now know, is not the case. He has successfully discovered a new bootrom exploit, allowing all iDevices running iOS 4.1 to be jailbroken. The release date has been announced as 10/11/10 (Columbus Day for those in the US). It is exactly a year after the release of blackra1n, which jailbroke devices on iOS 3.1.2. It is also the day after the release of greenpois0n. It’s a pretty sweet way to make a comeback debut.

This has created some controversy in the jailbreak community. GeoHot is going completely against the long waited and famous greenpois0n jailbreak. Greenpois0n has been in the works for a couple months now. It has been confirmed that GeoHot decided only to release limera1n after the greenpois0n ETA was publicly announced. The Chronic Dev Team feels insulted and probably ashamed that one college student did better than a whole team of “expert” hackers. But kudos for both sides as they spend countless hours on looking for new exploits only to release their findings without compensation.

Limera1n will be available for download when released at:

Update: Limera1n is now available. Click here to download and here for more info.