As you all may know, greenpois0n is an iOS 4.1 jailbreak waited for anxiously by the jailbreak community. Using the SHAtter exploit, the Chronic Dev Team has succesfully jailbroken all new iDevices (iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G and iPad) and even the AppleTV 2 on firmware version 4.1. A vunerability was found by posixninja (May 7, 2010) which then lead to research by posixninja, pod2g, also MuscleNerd. Alone, the SHAtter exploit would cause the jailbreak to be tethered. But greenpois0n will be the SHAtter exploit combined with a yet to be released userland exploit created by comex. Therefore ending outcome after running greenpois0n will be an untethered jailbreak. The Chronic Dev Team announced publicly that the jailbreak is now stable to be released to the general public. The release date is 10:10:10 AM GMT 10/10/10, which is also coincidentally on a Sunday, the day of the week when majority of jailbreaks are released. In under 24 hours there will a functional jailbreak. Sunday is most definitely a “funday”.

It is possible that the SHAtter exploit might not be used as there has been a new, more efficient exploit has been found. Click here for more information on another jailbreak created by famous hacker GeoHot (George Hotz). It is codenamed limera1n. It is possibly a better jailbreak as it will jailbreak ALL devices running iOS version 4.1 untethered. If the Chronic Dev Team can incorporate GeoHot’s exploit before the ETA, it will be used. Otherwise the release will proceed as planned. It would be a shame if both were released as they use different exploits that will potentially both be fixed by Apple in a future software update. Only time will tell.

Greenpois0n will be available for download when released at:

Update: Greenpois0n release has been delayed. Click here for more info.