SeeThru Satin Has a Sultry Look As Well As Feel

SPECK’s SeeThru Satin seems like just another case, but its not.  I’ll start off by saying that Speck as always, produces top notch products that do an exemplary job of protecting whatever items you decide to place within its embrace when it comes to their cases.  And continuing that tradition, the SeeThru Satin (STS)  Lives up to this reputation.  Constructed with rubberized bezel and button covers, the STS creates an organic cover that lends to a sexy textured feel and look.  All ports are amply revealed while sacrificing no protection.  Similar in design to its “CandyShell” cousin, to place the iPad in the STS is achieved by opening the back port -which is there to allow access to the 30 pin connector port but when closed protects it- and then shoe-horning with a little force the iPad into its confines and then closing the rear port cover.

This leads to a beautifully rendered case that compliment the iPad generously.  The case is translucent, not transparent.  By this I mean you can see silhouetting of the iPad thru the case but not clearly as the Plastic is smoked.  This lends to a sexy look to compliment its sexy texture and feel.  There is one Clear version and it comes in the color of…Well…Clear.

One of the coolest things SPECK included in this case are the “Back Action Grips” they supplied on the back of the case.  This is a Ridge in the pattern of a rectangle that actually gives your fingers something to hold on to when using the iPad.  This results in a more secure and easier grip on the iPad for everyday use.  Durability is strong like the rest of SPECK’s Kung-Fu.

The STS comes in Black, Purple, Blue & Clear, retailing at $49.95 seems a bit pricey but this is an iPad Case and not outside the norm.  So if you need a case, this might be one to consider, especially with the “Back Action Grip”.