A Case with Class Flare & Fabric

SPECK always delivers and they didn’t stop with their new Fitted iPAd Case.  I will spare the normal fanfare I usually give about SPECK due to the fact I do not wish to be perceived as a “Cheer Leader” here for them.  But I will admit now, SPECK makes really great stuff.  The Fitted Case achieves a glove like fit around the iPad and serves to give excellent protection.  The back of the case is coated with a thin fabric in rather sophisticated, conservative, traditional designs.  For those of you that are big fans of Burberry Apparel, these cases will tickle you pink.  As can be seen above,  The patterns comes in a variety of patterns, and yes this picture depicts them all.

What is interesting about this case that departs from the norm is how the iPad slips into it.  Instead of the usual Shoe-horn to snap-in, the Fitted actually has a removable bezel.  The Bezel -which clips into place- can be removed.  This allows you to gently place your iPad into the Fitted’s protective confines.  Once in place, take the bezel, snap it in place and the iPad is contained and amply protects from the abuses of life.  What is nice about the removable bezel -besides its ease of removal and lack of abuse to the iPad- is how flush and well…Fitted it is.  Once clipped in the bezel fits in place almost seamlessly.  The case adds very little more dimension to thickness of the iPad and this is good for the slimness of the iDevice is exactly one of the high-lighted features that makes it so appealing.

As a result all I can say is $49.95, the Fitted by SPECK is one great case that will not disappoint if your fashion sense does not dwell in the realms of wild or abstract.