Inductive Charging Made Specifically for iPhones

Being special is always fun and makes one feel good.  Now I am not talking Special in some disability fashion but rather special as one who actually is set apart from others because there is a perceived merit to our ability to succeed.  The iPhone has done that and PowerMat, with their clever inductive charging techniques, have made the iPhone and we who own it feel special by offering an iPhone kit that includes a special case, an adapter and a single spaced charging pad that is custom built and fitted to accept the iPhone with PowerMats’ proprietary case.

The inductive charging essentially allows for wireless charging.  This done by placing the iPhone in the case, which has a 30 Pin adapter built in into it.  This extends the bottom of the iPhone by 1/4″.  The case has the room to allow film covered devices with BodyGuardz -a film used to laminate the bumpers of cars which staves off scuffs and scratches extremely well-.  I cannot attest to the synergy with Invisible Shields film covers.  Once the iPhone is encased in the PowerMat Case, all one need do is slide on to the PowerMat which has a groove to guarantee a perfect handshake and the phone will chirp and the iPhone is charging.

The iPhone PowerMat has room for one device and one alone.  This makes it designed specifically for the iPhone hence why it is special.  I don’t see any other PowerMat on the market for Droid, Blackberry or other manufacturers on the market, and that’s why it’s special.  The PowerMat is small.  Essentially the same mass as the iPhone itself.  It is square which makes it wider but shorter than the iPhone.  When placing the iPhone on it to charge, the PowerMat makes a very faint ocilating chirp, which is hard to hear compared to it’s executive and travel models which allow for three devices to be charged simultaneously.

The iPhone PowerMat  is elegantly designed in flat matte black, with a gunmetal bezel surrounding the entire squared off edge of the charge mat.  When charging the PowerMat has two small LED lights at the bottom corners that light up when the inductive charging is in action. Charge time is the same as a normal USB Plug.  The Case, being that it covers and monopolizes the 30 Pin port of the iPhone has included a Mini-USB port so you can connect to the computer for syncing.

An oddity worth mentioning is the PowerMat likes uniformity.  So be sure to place the iPhone on the Mat right side up.  If you slip it on up side down, you will not make contact and no charge will occur… Weird, I know.  Another point to mention is unlike the Executive and Travel PowerMats, the Lights and sound are not able to be turned on or off.  But the lights and sound on the iPhone PowerMat are much more subdued.

The PowerMat comes with a Case, Charge Mat, and a USB cable with a mini-USB adapter for syncing.  The iPhone PowerMat runs for $49.95 Which is a steal considering most cases run $30-35.  So the charge mat is really running you and extra $15-20.  The PowerMat and proprietary iPhone case comes in any color as long as it is black.

I have been using the PowerMat for 2 months now.  I can say it works and I love it.  I never charge my iPhone the traditional way any more and if you want to shorten the abuse to your 30 pin port, you want to go this way.  The PowerMat can be found on their site or in Bed Bath & Beyond or Best Buy, as well as other higher end electronic retailers.

Being special is so cool…You should join our special club.