Brazilians who were eager enough to buy the newest version of the iPhone found that they had to pay the highest fee in the world, which is a direct result of the high import taxes. Brazil imposed a 100% tax all imported products in an attempt to develop local manufacturers. However, despite rigorous taxation, Brazil is ranked 5th based on cell phone operator subscriptions.

Abril, a magazine in Brazil managed to draw up the statistics based on a comparative list of Apple Store prices. Even the least expensive 16 GB version cost around $ 1,048, while the more expensive 32 GB version cost around $1,223. The variation in price was even significant when compared to Italy, which is the 2nd most expensive country for iPhones. Italians pay a hefty $ 848 for the 16 GB version and $ 1,021 for the 32 GB version.

This is in stark contrast to the $200 price cost in the US, where the iPhone is sold with a long-term contract (hence a lower purchase fee).

Meanwhile, the cheapest place to buy an iPhone outside the US is Hong Kong, where users pay $ 643 for a 16 GB version and $ 759 for the 32 GB version.