Analysts at Morgan Stanley claim that the iPad has eaten into the PC notebook market since its introduction in April, accounting for around 25 % of all sales. This seemed to confirm to a certain degree, the claim put forward by the chief executive of Best Buy, who claimed that the iPad had reduced PC notebook sales by around 50 % in certain cases.

Morgan Stanley based its analysis on the NPD sales figures, which showed that the PC notebook sales had increased by 35% year over year in February, but had decreased by around 4% by August in comparison to the previous year.

The firm also reduced its outlook for PC unit sales from 15% to 13% in 2010, while 2011 could see a growth rate of 8%, down from 13 %.Meanwhile; the tablet sales should total around 50 million, which is an increase from the previous estimate of 37%.

Of the consumers interviewed, around 44 % of iPad users claimed that they believed it was a notebook replacement while 27 % of them also stated that they would not buy desktop PC in addition.

This is certainly good news for Apple because its products not only seem to be making a strong impact on consumers but is also far ahead of its rivals. The firm also stated that it is quite possible to see 100 million iPhone users by the end of the year, but that has yet to become a reality.