While countless surveys have focused on the products of Apple and its Android rivals, a new survey by coupons.com, has stumbled upon a peculiar finding regarding the legions of Apple and Android. This has less to do with technology preferences and more to do with culinary preferences. The survey discovered that Android owners prefer pork ribs compared to Apple iPhone users, who prefer chicken.

It also found out that women’s body wash coupons were usually used by iPhone users while men’s body wash coupons was usually used Android users.  Elsewhere, iPhone users were discovered to buy up to 42 times more baby products than Android users while pain-relief medications was firmly in the realm of Android users.  When it comes to sex, iPhone users seem to outclass their Android rivals.

All this interesting statistics may draw attention to the general attitude of users but then again there is no amount of information that will allow us to conclusively identify users of iPhones or Android. One thing is for sure, Apple is an incredibly popular phone that might attract over 100 million users by the end of the year (an optimistic guess) but Android boasts the most popular operating system with growth levels that outpaces all its rivals, combined.

It seems a simple conversation over dinner is going to take a completely new meaning, especially if you are fan of either Android or Apple. Bon appétit!