ComScore, an analytics company recently concluded that Android Smartphones have gained a significant market share while its rivals such as Apple and Research In Motion (makers of the BlackBerry) have made losses.  This seems to confirm the latest reports throughout the industry, which put Google’s Android system above its rivals.

The figures collected by the firm indicate that the Android OS increased its market share to 17% between May and July, from 12 % at the end of April. Meanwhile, Apple and RIM lost around 1.3 % of their market share.

However, despite the news, RIM retains the lion share of the smartphone platforms with 39.9 % while Apple maintains its 2nd place position with 23.8 %. Microsoft’s Windows Mobile accounted for 11.8 % of the market while Palm held on to 4.9%.

Android’s high growth rates have been made possible by the release of highly rated HTC smartphones. In addition, even though rivals lost ground to Google, they have still managed to expand their subscriber base because the overall smartphone market continues to grow each year. Analysts soon predict that smartphones will gain significant growth in the next few years as users switch from standard mobile phones to smartphones. However, in the long-term, Google’s Android is set to make a strong impact. However, this will not be for quite some time.