The former wartime British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, has become a historic icon for his unyielding determination indomitable spirit whilst leading Britain through its darkest hour. He was also known for his fine speeches and witty nature. Now his legacy will be brought to Twitter, Facebook and the iPhone.

The app is called “Churchillisms: The official Wit and Wisdom of Winston Churchill”. It will be available from Friday onwards for $ 1.90.  The app has already been hailed as an accurate and interactive platform, which will enlighten people all over the world, especially the current generation. The iPhone’s popularity is one of the principal reasons the estate chose to create an iPhone app.

Churchill remains as an influential figure even in modern politics and often many will find celebrities and politicians quoting the famous prime minister. Therefore, one of the objectives of the app is to allow people to know for themselves, what exactly Churchill said. Some of his famous speeches include a tribute to RAF personal that fought during the Battle of Britain and a warning to the western world about Soviet occupation of post-war Europe. In addition, He famously coined many phrases including the “iron curtain”, which described Soviet influence in Europe, a phrase that dominated the hearts and minds of leaders throughout the cold war.

Anyone that is interested can also check out the Facebook and Twitter profiles, which will also go live on Friday and provide the general public with some of Churchill’s famous quotations and speech excerpts.