A new app promises to add an interactive dimension to the way people watch TV, which could revolutionize entertainment for iPad users. The app allows iPad users to access a variety of different entertainment features in real time.

ABC’s my Generation Sync app allows users to interact with special content including quizzes, behind the scene specials various polls while watching an episode of My Generation in real time. The service also works when users watch recorded episodes of the program. In addition, the app does not require any additional features.

iPad users simply have to tune into the TV, select ABC’s My Generation and then launch the app and activate the sync feature. Users can then access any relevant information and entertainment features that are available.

The program itself features on a group of high school students from Texas as they set out to prepare for their graduation back in 2000. The show then focuses on their lives ten years afterwards. Nielsen’s Media-Sync Platform powers the sync between the TV and iPad.  Many analysts believe that if the app is successful then it could be expanded to other programs and even other stations in time. With severe competition in the media industry, perhaps making existing programs more interactive could be the solution.