Apple’s iPhone has gained a lot of attention recently and two rumors in particular have got the attention of Apple analysts everywhere: the iPhone’s introduction to Verizon and the release of the white iPhone 4.

Apple has suffered its biggest PR disaster to date with the Antennagate Fiasco. The problem was with the iPhone 4 antenna, which caused a loss in signal whenever users gripped the lower end of the phone. Apple was then forced to issue free bumper cases in an effort to correct the problem. However, recent reports suggest that the majority of the users who actually avoid the iPhone are more concerned with the quality of Apple’s carrier partner, AT&T. Consumers have consistently blamed the poor quality of AT&T’s coverage and now it seems to be having a stronger negative impact on the iPhone than previously thought.

Meanwhile, leaked reports suggest the Apple has been making plans to roll out the iPhone with Verizon, which is the nation’s largest carrier. This in turn could expand the appeal of the iPhone and even help Apple realize its long cherished goal of gaining 100 million iPhone users by the end of the year. Furthermore, it seems that Apple is also getting set to release the white iPhone 4 by the end of the year. The white version has been plagued with manufacturing problems but Apple seems to have got things under control. If any of these rumors are true, then users could see Apple making some of the most fundamental changes since the introduction of the iPhone itself.