Microsoft released a barrage of rumors that suggest it might be developing more apps for the iPad. While, the company itself has declined to give out any official information regarding the apps, many analysts believe it is just a matter of time.

Microsoft currently has four apps for the iPhone and the iPod touch. However, it has yet to create apps designed for the iPad. The four applications are Bing, Seadragon Mobile, Tag Reader and Windows Live Messenger.

Bing is Microsoft’s much publicized search engine. Seadragon Mobile refers to a browser application that allows users to shares high-resolution images. Tag Reader allows users to read multi-colored Microsoft bar codes, which enables user to gather further information on Microsoft products.  Windows messenger is a very popular instant messenger, which has since been heavily integrated with Facebook and Yahoo, making it a near essential in the online world.

When it comes to the iPad, most of the rumors point towards a Microsoft office suite but only time will tell if these rumors are really worth anything. However, it is pretty clear that Microsoft has come to terms with the popularity of the iPad, a device that has made a significant impact on the PC market. A strategy to expand into iPad makes more sense with each passing day.