Apple has stated that it will provide free bumper cases for all new iPhone 4 users in Korean. The bumper cases are deemed essential to counter antenna problem that has plagued the latest version of the iPhone.

The iPhone 4 went on sale in Korean on September 10. After initial remaining silent on the issue, Apple and its exclusive partner, KT, have issued a statement informing Korean users that the free bumper case program will be available for Korea as well.

The antenna scandal, dubbed the “Antennagate” was discovered after its release on June 24, 2010 in the US. Users initially began to notice the loss in signal when they held the phone in a particular manner. Apple took weeks to address the problem, resulting in a PR disaster. Thing reached a new low when Consumer Reports refused to recommend the iPhone 4. This eventually led Apple to begin its free bumper case program.

Unlike users in the US, who had to order the case via an online app, Koreans will have to visit authorized service centers to get the bumper cases. The choice of cases are quite narrow and if users want a specialized case then they may have to pay for it themselves. Also, many believe that the Korean bumper case program will be short-lived, like the US program.