The iPhone, iTouch and iPad are being put to good use in the medical community, where they are helping kids who are suffering from speech development difficulties following brain injuries and strokes.

Medical professionals have been amazed by how simple speech apps have helped change the lives of kids who have trouble communicating and developing proper speech patterns. This in turn not only helps the psychological development of the children but also helps their families and doctors understand them better.

The benefit brought about by the iPhone and other products is that it allows kids of communication problems to find alternative ways of communicating with people around them. In essence, it gives them a new lease of life.

The application developed for this purpose is very simple. To communicate what is on their minds, kids can choose from a variety of pictures. When activated the picture is described verbally by the app. The voice systems used for the iPhone are incredibly realistic and cost only around US $ 8. However, more advanced versions can cost up to US $ 200. Yet, this is still less than the many thousands of dollars that are usually spent on elaborate computer systems. Not only does the app revolutionize communication methods for autistic kids but is affordable enough to help everyone.