iPhone users had to endure through months of slow performance and unreliable proximity sensors but now it seems that Apple has finally got the situation under control.

The problem it seems has been traced back to the version 4.0 operating system update, which was enthusiastically adopted by various iPhone users and came pre-installed in the iPhone 4. The wide variety of problems reported, ranged from sluggish iPhone 3G performance to the failure in the iPhone 4 proximity sensors, which resulted in a large number of a dropped calls.

Only a week ago, Apple announced the iOs 4.1 update to tackle the issues and the feedback received thus far has been broadly positive.

Many users enthusiastically upgraded their phones after learning about the initial reviews. Many claimed that the iPhone update did all that it promised but the issues have already taken a frustrating toll on iPhone users.

Apple tried to further sweeten things by including a bunch of upgrades and additional features for all the iPhone versions and iPod touch (2nd generation and above). Some of these upgrades include the ability to upload HD video to YouTube and Mobile Me via Wi-Fi on the iphone 4. In addition, AVRCP supported accessories received additional support in the form better track control.