The VEVO iPhone application has many music videos and a lot of music, but is a bit differentiating it from other music-related application and podcasts and web sites. In the main menu of the application there are a half dozen top recording artists and there are photo albums of the artists you click on the artists name and you  will get along scrolling list of their most popular songs.

Moreover, when you watch the video or listen to the music you can add it to your play list and share it with your friends.  It is not that different than what you are already doing with the iPod or ITunes that are already in your phone. You can also buy the song by just clicking on the link and you can easily get access to the song.

This application has two most cool features.  The first feature of this application allows you to search for the music videos by premieres. So that until the release of the new Kings of Leon album if you are counting the days, this might be a good place to start come October 19, 2010. And as for the second feature it allows you to search artists on tour, it is useful if you are gearing up for a concert, and want to brush up on tunes.