New software start-up, Rock Soft is very excited to introduce the Modern Alarm Clock app for iPhone and iPod touch, Show Time 1.0, which may be described as the mother of all Alarm Clock App.

With 58 clock themes and variations, Show Time has the all the features you would want and does it with style. Unlike any other alarm clock app Show Time has all the features you would ever want and does it with a style like no other.

Show Time comes with a total of 58 different clock variations with the most stylish clocks and several color schemes, designed to fit your mood. The alarm settings lets you wake up to your own music from your iTunes library or 8 high quality songs and sound effects already built in.

Since the designing of Show Time had kept the creator up all night, he has included 25 high quality ambient sounds to help you relax and fall asleep, or you can choose your favorite songs from your own playlist to listen to.

From the traditional ocean waves to the sounds of a prison cell, Show Time has it all. So just set the timer and allow the ambience to gradually soothe you to sleep. Show Time also comes in a free Lite version in order to facilitate you give it a test run before you buy the full version of it for only $.99.