iPad claims 25% of all PC notebook sales

Analysts at Morgan Stanley claim that the iPad has eaten into the PC notebook market since its introduction in April, accounting for around 25 % of all sales. This seemed to confirm to a certain degree, the claim put forward …

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Android makes headway while iPhone and Blackberry lose ground

ComScore, an analytics company recently concluded that Android Smartphones have gained a significant market share while its rivals such as Apple and Research In Motion (makers of the BlackBerry) have made losses.  This seems to confirm the latest reports throughout …

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Android Vs the iPhone: a look at the fans

While countless surveys have focused on the products of Apple and its Android rivals, a new survey by coupons.com, has stumbled upon a peculiar finding regarding the legions of Apple and Android. This has less to do with technology preferences …

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iPhone is most expensive in Brazil

Brazilians who were eager enough to buy the newest version of the iPhone found that they had to pay the highest fee in the world, which is a direct result of the high import taxes. Brazil imposed a 100% tax …

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Samsung Galaxy steps forward to challenge the iPad, with a $199 price tag

Recently, the Samsung Galaxy has evolved from a bunch of rumors to a probable iPad killer. The firm recently announced its carrier partners and analysts believe it is set for one of the most comprehensive marketing campaigns in its history. …

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Sir Winston Churchill gets an app

The former wartime British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, has become a historic icon for his unyielding determination indomitable spirit whilst leading Britain through its darkest hour. He was also known for his fine speeches and witty nature. Now his …

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TV takes on a new meaning for the iPad

A new app promises to add an interactive dimension to the way people watch TV, which could revolutionize entertainment for iPad users. The app allows iPad users to access a variety of different entertainment features in real time.

ABC’s my …

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Microsoft to embrace the iPad?

Microsoft released a barrage of rumors that suggest it might be developing more apps for the iPad. While, the company itself has declined to give out any official information regarding the apps, many analysts believe it is just a matter …

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Apple offers free bumper cases to users in Korea

Apple has stated that it will provide free bumper cases for all new iPhone 4 users in Korean. The bumper cases are deemed essential to counter antenna problem that has plagued the latest version of the iPhone.

The iPhone 4 …

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The iPhone expansion

Apple’s iPhone has gained a lot of attention recently and two rumors in particular have got the attention of Apple analysts everywhere: the iPhone’s introduction to Verizon and the release of the white iPhone 4.

Apple has suffered its biggest …

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