Apple has announced that it will be rolling out a scheme that offers various TV shows to users for just $.99, via its already famous iTunes. The scheme will be available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch products.

Apple’s decision propels into a completely new arena where it must face up to well established rivals such as Netflix and Hulu, both of which offer users movies and television shows for a certain subscription price. Analysts are confident that Apple will be able to count on its loyal fan base to kick-start the scheme.

However, it will have to make a serious effort to take on its established rivals. Furthermore, piracy also poses a serious challenge to Apple as it does to other companies. Users can download full episodes, commercial free, sometimes within 12 hours of the release time at no cost. Nevertheless, many are convinced the scheme will be a success due to Apple’s existing popularity and its competitive price scheme.

Episodes could be available within 24 hours of the air date and will not include any commercials. Apple has already starting working with Fox, CBS, NBC and Walt Disney Co. The service is expected to be formally announced on September 7 at a media conference.