The white iPhone 4 has been bit an elusive mystery thus far. After postponing its launch multiple times amidst reports of manufacturing faults, Apple has hinted that it will present the new details on the white Phone 4 within the next few weeks.

Analysts have their sights set on an Apple media event that might be held on September 1 in order to reveal the newest Apple products. Many hope that new information and perhaps and an accurate release date for the white iPhone 4 will be amongst the highlights of the event. There is reason to be hopeful, recently Orange UK, announced that the white iPhone 4 will be available later this year.

The fanfare over the iPhone 4 in general has arguably died down now, especially after its antenna fiasco. However, the charm of owning a new variant of the iPhone 4 is still something that attracts the hearts and minds of countless Apple fans. However, do not expect the white iPhone 4 to have any different hardware specs or even come out with the antenna issue fixed. In fact, Apple has confirmed in earlier reports that the white iPhone 4 will have no changes despite persistent rumors to the contrary. For now, the only thing fans of the white iPhone 4 can do is to wait and see for more details.