A man who was visiting his parents in Connecticut, which is more than 1400 miles away from his home in Dallas, Texas, was able to watch as two buglers broke into his home. Fortunately, the man in question, Vince Hunter, had already installed a series of cameras at home following a previous bulgur.

Hunter was able to monitor everything in shocking detail from his iPhone, via the $4.99 iCam application. The iCam application allows users to watch the video feed live from anywhere in the world. Mr Hunter was received an alert from the application when his security system detected movement outside his house.

He then accessed his security cameras to see the burglars break in and enter his house.  Hunter immediately called the police but the burglars managed to escape without stealing anything. Police have confirmed that they will be using the footage to help them catch the burglars. The iPhone and the increasingly innovative apps that have been appearing lately give users an amazing range of options that they would not normally get via a normal phone or even a computer.

As a result, users can integrate and connect every part of their lives to their iPhone. The iPhone has truly proven its worth.