A recent survey found that more than around 90% of US consumers who plan to buy an iPad within the next year, already have and Apple product. In addition, the survey found that 25-34 year-old age group is more likely to buy an iPad than any other age group. This allows Apple to count on its loyal fan base to maintain the necessary demand before shifting its efforts to the 50% of people who do not own an Apple product yet.

According to the July Survey, which quizzed more than 2000 US consumers, the number of households owning multiple iPads is increasing. Accordingly, households with at-least one iPad, own 1.7 iPads per household. Households that already own an iPad, plan to buy another one within the next year.

In conclusion, about 18% of households that already own an Apple product, are likely to buy an iPad within a year, while a mere 2% of households that do not own any Apple products plan to buy an iPad within a year. Consumers who have already bought an iPhone are more likely to buy an iPad as well. In fact, a third of consumers with iPhones have indicated that they are planning to buy an iPad within a year.

This survey gives us an insight into Apple consumers and brand image. It is clear that Apple has been able to establish and maintain a very loyal customer base. In addition, Apple’s marketing strategy has successfully convinced many consumers that all its products somehow complement each other, further enhancing its customer relationship.