The iPad is set to help the sumo wrestlers of the 21st century, who have been unable to use standard smart-phones due to their large fingers.

Sumo wrestling’s governing body stated that it would begin shipping out iPads to each of Japan’s 51 training stables. The larger touch-screen surface of the iPad will allow the sumo wrestlers to finally use cutting edge technology with ease. The Japan Sumo Association (JSA) further stated the iPads were aimed at increasing the communication between officials, coaches and the wrestlers, in order to avoid the type of scandals that have plagued the sport in recent times.

The JSA plans on spending around $35,644 on its iPad program. This is truly a communication revolution since up until the introduction of the iPad; messages had to be delivered via phone or fax. Some of the features that really got the JSA’s attention include the iPad’s amazing connectivity, portability and user friendliness.  The larger touch-screen keyboards are especially useful to the sumo wrestler, whose average weight is around 150 Kg throughout his career.

The iPad seems to be gaining a special position in Japan. Apart from helping sumo wrestlers, many of Japan’s senior citizens also appreciate the user friendliness of the iPad.  All this comes as good news as analysts predict that the iPad is making strong headway into consumer markets the world over.