Apple recently announced an unprecedented patent technology that features numerous security features that include the ability of the phone to take pictures of the thief or even determine the manner in which the thief is traveling. More explicitly, the patent application is aimed at the increasing number of jailbroken iPhones. This would allow Apple to remotely monitor and determine if an iPhone or iPad has been jailbroken. However, keep in mind that this does not mean that Apple plans on disabling jailbroken devices, especially since a recent justice department ruling states that there is nothing illegal about jailbreaking a device. However, from a practical point of view, the application does in fact aim to improve security.

  1. Unauthorized Use: Data such as a photo, voice pattern, or heartbeat pattern of the current user can be compared to the data from the authorized user to determine theft or unauthorized use.
  2. Suspicious activity: Any number of suspicious activities, such as entering a wrong pass code multiple times, removing a SIM card or hacking into the device could indicate suspicious behavior and therefore, unauthorized access.
  3. Forensic Date: If the device has indeed been stolen, then authorities can use various tools including, photos, voice patterns, GPS location, geo-tagged pictures and other data to determine the party responsible for the theft.
  4. Travel: Features such as the accelerometer can be used to determine the method of travel.
  5. Remote security: Authorities will have the ability to remotely shutdown or delete sensitive information from the device. In addition, IT administrators can monitor the use of the iPhone and iPad remotely.